Coffee Stop

Calgary, 2009, 1:00, Dir: Greg Doble

With seven simple shots and adroit and apropos interventions by way of animation and sound effects, Greg Doble successfully renders both visible and sensible a certain legal, ritual altering of states craved and enjoyed by millions the world over. Short and sweet, Coffee Stop is a sip of a film that takes us from zero to re-integration in a revitalizing sixty seconds. Doble’s choice of white for his animated overlay is deceptively interesting, opening this piece up to interpretation on more than one level.

Greg Doble

Greg Doble, a new media artist based in Calgary, is currently a fourth year student at the Alberta College of Art and Design in the Media Arts and Digital Technologies Program. Favouring illustration, animation and photography in his work, he likes to focus on the mundane as well as on interesting interactions between people, and he often elaborates on everyday experiences in fantastic ways. Doble describes his work as influenced by both design and fine art practices and characterizes his style as light-hearted with a carefree sentimentality.