Water under the Bridge

Calgary, 2009, 13:15, Dir: T.J. Lynch

Execution on all fronts matches the high production values of Water Under the Bridge, a drama about a man coming to terms with his past. Among many other things, the performances that writer-director T.J. Lynch draws from his cast stand out in particular. In a short film, there’s not much time for an audience to forgive a false note and just one mistake can undermine a whole piece. The heart of Lynch’s film is a taut and tersely scripted flashback that calls on his actors to hit some intense emotional marks (Dustin Bollinger and David LeReaney merit kudos for their work as the young protagonist and his anguished father, respectively). Lynch justly credits the evident talents of all his performers, but even with such a fine cast a less judicious director might easily have misfired.

T.J. Lynch and Co.

Water Under the Bridge is a collaboration between director T.J. Lynch, producer Phay Wills and co-producers Deb Green and Eric Becker. Wills (Phayzer Productions Inc.) focuses on character driven, multi-platform comedy and drama projects designed for the international marketplace, Green (Pentalpha Productions Inc.) is a writer, casting director and n ascent producer and Becker (Becker Productions) is a Calgary-based independent producer. Lynch was awarded a Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences for his screenplay The Beginning of Wisdom. A Plumm Summer, which he penned during that Fellowship, was made into a film in 2007. He later wrote and directed Water Under the Bridge as a stepping-stone toward someday directing his Nicholl award-winning script.