Greenwash Gang

Calgary, 2008, 5:00, Dir: Ian Day

Greenwash Gang is about a trio of money launderers who, determined to eliminate the middleman, take a step up in the crime world and attempt their own bank robbery. To tell you any more would spoil the fun. This short from the comedy ensemble Sciencebear is tightly paced, smartly conceived and delivers the laughs. Shot, edited and finished on HD in just seventeen hours for the Edmonton International Film Festival’s 24/1 twenty-four hour filmmaking contest, it picked up the Best Director award for troupe member Ian Day. Staged in two shots, each using exactly the same frame, Greenwash Gang creates as much action off screen as on with the help of sound effects, dialogue and its performers’ reactions. For fans of degrees-of-separation games, the closing credits roll over the intro to Secret March by Trevor Anderson’s band The Wet Secrets.


Sciencebear Productions
is a filmmaking group committed to producing videos that make people laugh and, perhaps, induce milk to come out of their noses (provided they’re drinking milk while they’re watching). When Greenwash Gang won a Best Director award at the Edmonton International Films Festival’s 24/1 contest, Ian Day, Tyler Fraser and Scott Townend realized making funny videos was a thing they should do more often. Since founding Sciencebear, they have collaborated with comedians from the Loose Moose on a new short All in and begun working on a feature film, Sketch, scheduled for completion in the spring of 2010. More work from Sciencebear can be seen on their Funny or Die account at